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POODLE: The SSL 3.0 bug - What we have done, and if it affects you

Earlier this week the Google Security Team published details of a vulnerability in a specific version of SSL 3.0 (RFC6101) which they have deemed obsolete and insecure.

This bug can be exploited by a man in the middle attack, where an attacker can force a web browser to fall back to the older version of SSL and intercept any traffic exchanged over the connection.

The vulnerability is described as a POODLE attack, or Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. This is enabled by TLS clients attempting it’s first handshake request with the highest protocol version, and then falling back on older versions for subsequent requests if it fails.

Once we were aware of the bug, we modified our configurations to deny any attempts to connect with this version of SSL.

Some users who are using PhantomJS may have seen this issue as it uses the older version of SSL by default, so if you are using PhantomJS with Filepicker, it will break. You can change this in the config:

Command Line: —ssl-protocol=tlsv1
JSON: “sslProtocol”: “tlsv1”

Some browsers like Google Chrome have started testing changes to disable fallback to SSL 3.0.

For more information on this, see the official Security Advisory (PDF)

Apps we use to run our Startup

We were inspired by the share as image blog that noted Filepicker as one of the apps they use to run their startup. So, just as they said, we aren’t getting anything for sharing. This is just what apps we love!


If you’re running a SaaS, Stripe is pretty much a must have. It handles all our payments - one time and recurring. This is obviously a critical part of our business, and it has to work - no exceptions. They have great documentation and API, which enable us to easily integrate safe and secure payments in our app. What were we using before?!


Everyone has their personal preferences. But holy smokes do people have strong opinions about task management software! We tried plenty of options, but Trello had the best real world feel of a scrum board. After some lengthy and sometimes heated discussion (no Filepickers were hurt) we finally decided on Trello. And we love it.

There are many things going on in our app at any given time, and it’s hard to stay on top of them all the time. We’ve setup custom emails that go to our customers based on a certain trigger. This lets us be more understanding, and give our customers information when they need it. Also, with the new version, we can A/B test! Big fan of that.


There’s something very comforting about making a data driven decision. Mixpanel does a lot more than just provide the data. It helps us generate understanding around our customers, as it tracks more than just page views, but actions our users are doing. Mixpanel is critical for watching the health of our business. We are able to customize what data to report on, build custom segments and funnels.

There are so many great tools out there to help you run your new business - even if it’s not a SaaS. There’s one common denominator though - your website. is a must have for any new site, or if you’re just learning about it. It’s a no brainer. With the flick of a button we can turn on a new tool. The best part? You don’t have to wait for data to appear. can replay your historical data into the new service!


What did I just say about data driven decisions? Optimizely gets you A/B testing painlessly, and effortlessly. I wonder what more words I can use with “ly” at the end? It helps us improve interactions, conversions and engagement. Just by turning it on in, we can test anything on our site, with no developers involved. We love testing - ly.


There are always pros and cons to running a startup. Accounting doesn’t have to be a negative. Xero does more than keeping us up to date with the tax man. It has intelligent reporting, easy invoicing and …

One of the biggest deciding factors for us is the portability of the data. We had to have the complexity of a great accounting tool, but it had to be available when – and where – we needed it. With a busy team on the go, having it in the cloud was a must.


SaaS (or Software as a Service for the laymen) lives and dies on its metrics. Specifically, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Average Revenue per Customer, Lifetime Value, and Churn. Baremetrics does a better job than anyone else in taking Stripe data and showing valuable metrics that provide insights.

Announcing additional language support

Further to our previous blog post, we have added more language support with help from our wonderful community! We now support the following languages:

- Dutch
- French
- German
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Russian
- Spanish
- Turkish

There is new ‘language’ attribute in pickOptions. It specifies filepicker UI language version.
By default it runs with browser language.

Available values:
- Dutch: ‘nl’
- French: ‘fr’,
- German: ‘de’,
- Norwegian ‘no’,
- Polish: ‘pl’,
- Russian: ‘ru’,
- Spanish: ‘es’,
- Turkish: ‘tr’

We are still looking for users to help with translation. If you would like to have a language supported send a message to and you can help translate our app!

We’ve launched new documentation!

We are excited to announce we’ve launched our new developer documentation! Browse through all our API calls and quickly get your new project running—or explore our advanced capabilities.

Column One

Choose from our Javascript API, REST API and more. Once you’ve made a selection it will show you all the options, just as our old docs used to work.

Column Two

This is the guts of the operation. Everything you came to look for. We’ve made it easy to parse by using a legend. Syntax is in red, function attributes are in a grey arrow box, and accepted options are in blue.

Column Three

This is our favourite part. This column has code examples of what you’re reading about. But don’t be shy, these are 100% modifiable. Go ahead and manipulate the code to adjust to your specific needs. Then hit “Run” and the Filepicker dialog will open with your changes.

Our most common troubleshooting technique is to set an API key, which will then pull settings configured in the Filepicker developer portal.

Quick Tip: If you are logged into the developer portal, and you’re browsing the documentation, we automatically insert your API key into these examples. When you hit Run, it’s as if you are testing it in your environment.

We are pretty stoked on the new docs, but we want to hear what you think. Send us your honest feedback or suggestions to

Uploads from camera roll broken in iOS 8

Fix to be implemented in iOS 8.0.1

As some of you have already noticed, file uploads from the photo library in iOS 8 are broken.

Unfortunately this is not something that Filepicker can fix or create a workaround for, as it is an issue that was created by Apple. This bug affects not only HTML forms but Javascript as well.

The only current solution is for the end-user to use the Chrome browser. We have put up a small banner for Safari on iOS 8 devices to notify them, and use chrome. This will be removed as soon as it is fixed.

There have been many reports of this issue on the web, and with the release of iOS 8.0.1 it was announced as fixed.

Don’t get too excited though! As we were writing this, Apple pulled the release as it caused more problems with loss of service and TouchID issues.

Hopefully it’s an easy fix, and everything will return to normal quickly.


Apple released iOS 8.0.2 last night and we can confirm that it fixes the issue. Uploads from the Photo Library are working again.

Support, now 24x7

Call us anytime 1-866-873-0249

Our customers are everywhere in the world, and we want each of you to feel taken care of. We have a new phone number that all paying accounts can reach us 24 hours a day, everyday!

Call us at 1-866-873-0249.

Not very talkative? Email our support team around the clock as well:

Filepicker at API World

Last week was a busy one for Filepicker! We got the team together from Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Europe.

DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo is San Francisco’s largest Data + API conference of 2014 - with 100+ talks and interact with 200+ new data & API technologies. If you had a chance to come out to Hotel Kabuki last week, we had our first ever booth setup, spreading the word about Filepicker.

From left to right: Jason Toy, Mark Bakker, Slawek Zabkiewicz, Cormac McCarthy

Jason, our CEO, was asked to speak on a panel: “The Emergence of Storage API’s & File App Ecosystems”. Jason started a great discussion around how storage is a commodity, and how cloud storage providers are being chosen on features provided - not amount of space.

Later that evening we had a meetup at Palmer’s, not too far away from API World. Thanks everyone who came out - there was good conversation and drinks!

Stay tuned for more meetups!

Filepicker San Francisco Meetup

What: A drink up with Filepickers @jtoy, @markbakker, the startup community, and other Filepickers.
When: Tuesday, September 16 at 8pm
Where: Palmer’s. 2298 Fillmore St.
How: Look for the robot tshirts, and signup using the form below.

Filepicker at API World in San Francisco

Great news! FIlepicker is going to be in San Francisco for API World, the largest API conference and expo 100% focused on developers.

We’ve been invited to talk on the Emergence of Storage API’s and File App Ecosystems panel.

“Does the emergence of File Storage API’s and file app ecosystems mean that a company is no longer “locked into” one cloud?”

Watch the Panel Tuesday, September 16th, 2-2:45pm

Also, catch us in the entrance hall where you can meet some of the team!

Meetup We will also be hosting a meetup, interested? Email us to request free tickets.

Customer Showcase: Videolean integrates Filepicker and saves time!

Here at Filepicker we are constantly impressed how our customers are using our app. This week we wanted to share how Videolean is using Filepicker to enhance their app for their users.

About Videolean

Videolean is helping small business owners to grow their business with the most powerful marketing tool nowadays: videos. Entrepreneurs want videos to promote their businesses. However, they normally can’t afford a video production company, neither have the video editing knowledge.

Videolean offers a wide range of professional template videos easy to customize and affordable for everyone. Select a template, type texts, upload images, select a soundtrack and you already have an HD professional video.

Startups, restaurants, real state, universities, community managers, SEO agencies, marketers…you name it. Videolean is a solution for everyone who believes in the power video has to radically boost a business visibility.


Images are one of the most important features to let people customize their professional template videos in Videolean. Business owners have their images in several locations such as their desktop, Facebook, Dropbox and Instagram, just to name a few. In addition, we needed to make the uploading process as easy as possible, specially since we deal with non-tech people.


Filepicker turned out to be the best solution so far to let us offer the uploading images feature without barely coding anything. Users can customize their template videos in Videolean at the click of a button thanks to Filepicker. Creating something similar by ourselves would have taken us too much time, which we need to develop our core value.

Do you have an app that uses Filepicker that you want to share? Send us a note!